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If you want to keep your competitive edge, then you'll need to farm productively. Productivity brings success, and with success comes growth. Large farming operations are extending their farming areas and custom operators are increasing their contract volumes. Suddenly you've reached that critical point. The workable area is still not quite big enough to make it worth your while to use a special vehicle. But it's much to big to farm profitably with a 300 hp tractor. Thus, the XERION!

Master of all Trades

CLAAS XERION TRAC/VC: The challenge face by the CLAAS engineers was enormous. To develop an intelligent solution that could achieve the impossible; to implement a concept that would set milestones; to build a machine that would pave the way for an entirely new class.

The result: XERION TRAC and XERION TRAC VC. Tractors that can do much more than the average 300 hp machine. Where other machines have long since given up, these tractors are right in their element. These machines are large tractors AND system vehicles.

Just one can do more

CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC: Be successful in business and do more in less time with fewer machines.

The XERION SADDLE TRAC provides new opportunities where standard tractors and self-propelled systems reach their limits.

With the cab located up front on top of the engine, the XERION SADDLE TRAC offers optimal mounting options for trailers, liquid manure tanks, seed tanks and more...