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JAGUAR Forage Harvesters

CLAAS offers the most efficient range of forage harvesters, the JAGUAR 900 Series ranging from 429 to 830 horsepower and the JAGUAR Green Eye, ranging from 345 to 623 horsepower. The versatile header offer completes this range to be the most successful, yet versatile, range of forage harvesters.

For Those Who Expect More...

CLAAS JAGUAR 900 Series: The new JAGUAR has made a name for itself thanks to outstanding performance and unmatched chopping quality. CLAAS has once again proved its consistent and practical development work in the field of forage harvesters.

See for yourself how CLAAS has met this standard: for example with a wider range of equipment, with the new intelligent engine management system, with the continuous moisture meter system, with enhanced CEBIS information and control system and with the new V-MAX chopping drum.

Everything interacts perfectly - and every detail helps to ensure that you get what you expect from a first-class forage harvester under all harvesting conditions: absolutely professional and highly economical chopping.

900 Series
Model Engine Type Horsepower (ECE R120 @ 1,800 rpm
JAGUAR 980 12 cylinder DOUBLE SIX 860 hp
JAGUAR 970 12 cylinder DOUBLE SIX 760 hp
JAGUAR 960 V8 650 hp
JAGUAR 950 V8 530 hp
JAGUAR 940 V8 472 hp
JAGUAR 930 in-line six 429 hp

World market leader through innovative technologies

CLAAS JAGUAR Green Eye: CLAAS began to introduce self-propelled JAGUAR forage harvesters back in 1973. Today the JAGUAR Green Eye is one offering of the JAGUAR family which is the best selling forage harvester in the world. Discover the fascinating technology behind this successful machine.

Green Eye
Model Engine Type Horsepower (ECE R120 @ 1,800 rpm
JAGUAR 900 V8 650 hp
JAGUAR 870 V8 482 hp
JAGUAR 850 in-line six 438 hp
JAGUAR 830 in-line six 367 hp