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Standard Features

Standard features Standard features Standard features
Heavy Duty pivoting draw bar which is adjustable along with a HD coupler eye pintle hitch hook up made of special steel with no welds. This is especially developed and produced by Veenhuis, and includes a manual hand pump with a single acting hydraulic jack stand. Mechanically adjusted draw bar with rubber pillow block suspension for a smoother ride allows for different tractor draw bar heights. (3 different height settings) Nylon bushings in main axle pivot are easy to replace by unbolting the retainer. A central lubrication bank makes servicing the tandem walking axle easier.
Standard features Standard features Standard features
Veenhuis-engineered double beamed tandem walking axle with eccentric placed centre pivot axle allows having 54% total weight on the rear axles and 46% total weight on the front tires. As a result this style of axle will take less power to pull through wet gravel, mud, sand and other difficult field conditions than any design on the market. Torgin pipe incorporated into main frame prevents twisting of main frame when dumping. Hydraulic brakes on all four wheels with slack adjuster brake arms.
Standard features Standard features
TIRE OPTIONS instead of 550\60x22.5
650/55R26.5 380 16 ply Alliance tires

750/45R26.5 380 16ply Alliance tires

24.0R20.5 XS 12 ply Michelin tires

Hydraulic tailgate lifts high out of the way on the JVZK 19000, JVZK 21000 and JVZK 23000 HD Construction Gravel Trailer for easy dumping of debris e.g. tree stumps.
Tri-axle trailers available
on request

30 ton (21 yard water holding, 25
yard heaped) and 36 ton (25 yard
water holding or 30 yard heaped)

Options & Features

Standard features Standard features Standard features
Hydraulic forced steering makes the trailer more stable going around corners,
and for overall manoevrability versus a spring axle undercarriage. Hydraulic
forced steering also helps to make the trailer pull easier and safer to operate
both on and off the road, which in turn results in less wear on the tires and
twisting of frame components etc.. This ultimately helps to improve fuel
efficiencies. Hydraulic forced steering forces the rear axle to steer when
backing up.
Sidewall extensions with a quick lock system. This allows you to increase the box dimensions 30cm (11.8 in.), 50cm (19.7 in.), 60cm(23.6in.) H x W x L and easily allows you to haul more light material. As well, they can be universally outfitted.
STANDARD FEATURES on the JVZK 19000, 21000, 23000 Heavy Duty Construction Models include a dump box floor & sidewalks that are 6mm or 1/4 thick Hardox AR 400 profiled steel material
• Jan Veenhuis has very modern hydraulic guillotine shears and angle benders, both with a working width of 8500 mm, which allows for both the bottom plate and the sidewalks to be made out of one piece of steel with no welded seams
• Both the sub-frame and the box of our dump trailers are steel blasted to insure adhesion of two-component epoxy paint
• Tapered dump box • Rear tail lights
• Dump cylinder mounted in a cardanic ring • Hard wood protectors on top of sidewalls
• Safety check valve for dump cylinder • Tires Alliance 750/45R26.5 380 16 ply
• Hydraulic Brakes on all 4 wheels • Tandem axle 10 Hole wheel hubs
• Brake shoes & drums with slack adjusters • Hydraulic tail gate/top hinged
• Adjustable in height (3 different settings) • Single acting manual hand pump and hydraulic jack stand


JVZK 19000 - 21000 - 23000
Model Load
Inside Box Dim.
L x W x H
JVZK 19000 20.9 US Ton
19,000 kg
14.7' x 7.5' x 2.9' ft
4.5 x 2.3 x .9m
320ft³ or 11.85 yds
9.3 m³
384ft³ or 14.2 yds
11.16 m³
6.3 US Gal
24 Litre
JVZK 21000 23 US Ton
21,000 kg
15.7' x 7.5' x 3.3' ft
4.8 x 2.3 x 1.0m
388ft³ or 14.4 yds
11.04 m³
466ft³ or 17.3 yds
13.25 m³
8.72 US Gal
33 Litre
JVZK 23000 25 US Ton
23,000 kg
17.2' x 7.5' x 3.3' ft
5.25 x 2.3 x 1.0m
425ft³ or 15.8 yds
12.07 m³
510ft³ or 18.9 yds
14.48 m³
9.25 US Gal
35 Litre
1 Ton=907.2Kg or Short Ton