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Forage harvesting lays the foundation for a successful livestock operation. The aim of any farmer is to create maximum quality at minimum cost. With pioneering spirit and innovative strength CLAAS delivers timely, effective and loss-free harvesting for farmers and custom operators.

Powerful & Reliable

CLAAS ROLLANT 260: The all steel baling chamber, the spiral chamber layout, the assister feed rake and net wrapping are all developments that CLAAS has pioneered. The ROLLANT 260 features all these design points which make it a high performance, reliable round baler.

The ROLLANT 260 is designed for long term operation in arduous non stop conditions. Rugged drives, robust rollers plus ease of operation all contribute to the high work rates characteristic of this baler. You can wrap the bale either with twine or net, giving you the opportunity to pick the right wrapping for your valuable crop.

Work economically with the ROLLANT 340 or 350 ROTO CUT

CLAAS ROLLANT 350 RC/340: No matter what the conditions, CLAAS can supply you with the right machine for every operation and for all of your harvesting needs. With advanced, highly reliable technology, our systems guarantee optimum results under all conditions. The ROLLANT is the most efficient baler for gathering silage, straw and hay. Thanks to the secure binding, the bales hold their shape and are exceptionally easy to transport and store.

The ROLLANT is the best-selling silage baler in the world.

Unlike many other companies, CLAAS manufactures critical core components itself. Responsibility for the production of baler rollers, frame welding, chopper rotor and knotter production is fully produced by CLAAS, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality. The high degree of automation ensures precision manufacturing and timely flow of parts into the ongoing baler production process ensure a premium finished product.

Innovation, performance and reliability.

CLAAS ROLLANT 355 RC: When it comes to silage baling, high compaction, reliability, optimal cutting quality and exceptional user-friendliness are the decisive factors. ROLLANT round balers are designed and built for professional use.

Optimum machine performance is achieved when one module sits perfectly with another. In the ROLLANT family, all modules are ideally matched. Discover the ROLLANT family for yourself.

CLAAS UNIWRAP - the perfect combination

CLAAS ROLLANT UNIWRAP: The big advantage of the UNIWRAP is simultaneous baling and wrapping. One operator can do two jobs at once and only needs to concentrate on baling. Everything else is fully automatic.

UNIWRAP saves time, manpower and costs. Its big advantage is simultaneous baling and wrapping.

QUADRANT - The practical excellence

CLAAS QUADRANT 2100: With the QUADRANT 2100 R/RC, CLAAS brings you a powerful square baler, which fully satisfies the demands of professionals. POWER FEEDING SYSTEM, ROTO CUT and CLAAS COMMUNICATOR are just a few of the catchwords that makes this baler so popular.

The QUADRANT 2100 produces a 31.5 x 27.5 in. (0.8 x 0.7 m) bale.

QUADRANT balers use state-of-the-art, polished technology. From pickup to bale dropping, every operation is programmed for high performance, maximum bale density and reliability.

At sundown the bales are done - not you.

CLAAS VARIANT 360/380: It makes no difference what you are baling, whether silage, hay or straw; the performance of the new VARIANT is always convincing. You adapt the bale density and the diameter exactly to the crop and to the desired requirements. The bales are always perfect. In year-round use of course. And if the day is getting a little longer; with the new VARIANT you calmly look forward to all challenges.

The 83"/6.9 ft. (2.10 m) wide pickup impresses with its enormous throughput capacity; the unique forced-bale start by the rotor guarantees from the start a maximum core compaction and the highest bale weights. To put it simply: Cutting edge technology for more bales compressed per day in conjunction with optimum operating comfort. What this means for you; Sit up, set off, bale and have a handle on everything at all times free from stress. You comfortably control all functions from the cab. Simple, clearly laid out, effective.

VARIANT 360: 48" x 36"-60" finished bale size
VARIANT 380: 48" x 36"-68" finished bale size